doi-20070215I wanted to share what I’ve read this morning, at 3:54 Pacific Standard Time, as I am up and awake, and for what reason, I’ve none.  I found myself looking through a site entitled, “OM” from Beliefnet and thought of the profoundness of these thoughts, as they apply to my life and perhaps you!  Sometimes, “listening” to that inner voice that is so quiet, so deep and yet relentless and becomes soothing when I am listening contently, as a truth about myself is revealed – my inner being becomes my focus point as well as my Higher Power, if you will, – and the conversations that pursue my mind during the day, my directions and guidance in the quiet of the morning before the sunset’s rays become heightened, I heed. 

To me, the ultimate authority is decided by me when I am able to feel peace within and the interference of thoughts of past or future vacate and only this very moment, this split second in time, is who I am ~ nothing more, nothing less. 

Good morning to all who read this and I wish you the very best day that lies ahead, and may each moment be a glorious one of life for you. 



The Ultimate Authority Written on BeliefNet, OM
Using Our Own Minds

To a certain degree, we rely on other people’s accounts of reality to inform us of the nature of the universe. For example, we can’t all be molecular physicists, but we can benefit from taking their findings to heart. In the same way, we often look to teachers, various leaders, and gurus to tell us about the path to enlightenment and the nature of the realm of spirit. While this input from experts is undeniably valuable, our own sense of the truth is ultimately the most important piece in processing the information we take in from external sources. In the end, we are the authorities in our own lives, and we have the final say on whether something generally held as true is true for us.

We need only take a brief look at history to remember that the religious, scientific, and political establishments that ruled the day were all wrong about something at some point in time. This is the beauty of learning, experiencing, and evolving. While we sometimes wish we could just let someone else decide for us what is real and true, this is clearly not a viable option. The good news in all this is that we can confidently devote ourselves to making up our own minds about reality, taking everything that is handed to us as truth with a grain of salt.

This does not mean that we discount the information we receive from outside sources. It simply means that we are vigilant enough to question it before we decide whether or not we agree with it. All the information we receive is useful in the process of helping us make up our own minds. As we allow ourselves to sit with the things we learn, measuring them alongside our own inner sense of the truth and our own experiences, we find that making up our minds is a joyful process of integration that grows us into stronger, smarter, more engaged human beings.

What do you think? (I would love to have your insight shared with me……connections in life make the sphere, unbroken, so that we may learn from each other – any thoughts?) 


My mourning dove calls to her mate                                           clouds upon clouds

with her hungering coo.                               

She hungers for him, as I do you.

Wednesday has come and gone,
another day, another year, looking on ~
it is now she and I who belong

Our nests both empty, save for one;
leaves wave their hellos in the breeze,
as well as goodbyes. mourning dove

We are mere visitors now,
without passion,
without commitment,
without the flame of life.

The season cries
as we each have our limb,
to fluff from the cold, to blend in.

May the season’s tears
moisten our lips,
a thirst for nature’s embrace,
give us strength,
give us faith.

Lisa O’Hara
March, 2005


Little Girl


A little girl sits behind her home
Lost among honeysuckle
And a rose.

It’s early eve,
this haven she awaits,
to sit in quiet

~waves of scents, surreal~

~nightmares now dreams, no one can hurt her, no more does she feel~

The mud from a corn field
Sloshed between toes
She folds little rocks, pebbles
Into her masterpiece ~
Of which only she knows.

A child’s heaven,
to escape the dark inside
No one to turn to
They’ve all said she had lied.

Yet inside that trailer,
The one they call home ~
Her childhood was nightmares,
No one to turn to, she’s always alone,

~save for pebbles in mudpies,


a rose.

Lisa O’Hara


The little girl is one who is so very close to my heart, for she and I are one.  Even at 54 years of age, I recall the mudpies, the scent of honeysuckle that my taste buds inhaled, and gingerly, I would pick each one and the nectar would sweeten my life.  Today, I am working with those children, who,  too, are making mudpies as they forge through the fates that beseige their innocence.  My recollection of myself is so clear, as I see the neglect they suffer and the staff with whom I work so brilliantly, dedicatedly strive to bring a smile to a face that has valleys engrained at such tender ages of salty tears lines their cheeks.  No one can know this child but one who has been that child and I dedicate, as the school year comes to an end, a blessing of honeysuckles to soothe their nerves, mudpies to occupy their creative minds and the fresh green grass blades that tickle their toes.  May their childhood be restored, behind their trailer, if you will, and let them be quiet inside and hear their God guiding them, as did I. 


Bless these children, with each heartbeat, as not only is their God looking after them, but we MUST, as a society, not turn our heads, but turn our hearts and wisdom we’ve earned and guide them, to the best of our ability.