How To Decide When To Let Go


The decision to ‘let go’ and GO is the healthiest decision in one’s life!

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Are You Hanging On Too Long?

by Wendy Keller

Yesterday, my business consultant – a man whose wisdom I admire – suggested I simply stop trying to force something to work in my company. This “something” has worked a little bit, now and then, partially, with enormous effort, for almost no profit, for two years.

Now, I come from a long line of stubborn people. In my family, we will just keep chipping away at something until we force it to go our way.  But in the case of the business effort I was making, it was draining resources – energy, attention, money – and giving me close to nothing in return. I don’t believe in quitting, but in this case, that belief was hurting me.   DSC_03511

Is there something in your life that any rational, calm person would tell you to let go of?

The instant the consultant said…

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