How To Decide When To Let Go


The decision to ‘let go’ and GO is the healthiest decision in one’s life!

Positive Outlooks

Are You Hanging On Too Long?

by Wendy Keller

Yesterday, my business consultant – a man whose wisdom I admire – suggested I simply stop trying to force something to work in my company. This “something” has worked a little bit, now and then, partially, with enormous effort, for almost no profit, for two years.

Now, I come from a long line of stubborn people. In my family, we will just keep chipping away at something until we force it to go our way.  But in the case of the business effort I was making, it was draining resources – energy, attention, money – and giving me close to nothing in return. I don’t believe in quitting, but in this case, that belief was hurting me.   DSC_03511

Is there something in your life that any rational, calm person would tell you to let go of?

The instant the consultant said…

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Breast Cancer, left breast:  my dream.  As Community Chaplain, I am there for you!  Now, I have learned I need others. I know God has given me this dream.  Mammogram,  biopsy, Triple Negative Cancer diagnosed.  Oncologist said “You’ve danced with a Cobra.”  My life was saved. 

Thank you dear Lord.





As many Xanga writers who once wrote for my e-magazine, “Womanscorner,” found a home

wherein to be “published, if you will” online where other writers joined them from across U.S.

as well as writers from Chile, Australia, UK….I am wishing to invite women to a new site I have

created, in the hopes of bringing women together to connect with other women.  To share our

dreams, our plights, our strengths and wisdom, as well as unmet desires, as we can be of encouragement

to each other and help build a bridge that only women can give other women. 

Your life will touch other women and be enriched in doing so. 


Please drop in to Womenscorner and discover parts of yourself, no matter what your age, and know

how important a role you play in the lives of others.  Not only your family, your neighborhood, your occupation,

your devotion to others…..You need yourself…..May you discover more of yourself. 


Lisa O’Hara



Decade Of Remembrance – September 11, 2001 – September 11, 2011 – Sacramento, California

Submitted by Lisa
Tuesday, September 13th, 2011, 10:13am

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May We Never Forget– The World Trade Center Cross, also known as the Ground Zero Cross, is a group of steel beams found intact amidst the debris of the World Trade Center following the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Artist unknown


“All lost something, some lost everything.

United we stand, united we remember.”


Law Enforcement Chaplaincy-Sacramento sponsored the “Decade of Remembrance” Memorial to 911, held at our Capitol.   They deserve a very special ‘thank you’ for their dedication in assembling this honorary event.

As the combined Fire – Military – Law Enforcement Honor Guard proceeded to the east wing Capitol steps, they passed the first three front rows, reserved-seating for those in attendance who had suffered a personal loss during 911.  It was at this moment, one could see in the eyes of the audience, tears welling, as memories of 911 flooded.  When asked to remember that very moment:  ‘where we were, what we were doing, who we were with’ when we heard the announcement that terror was striking our homeland soil, the souls of each relived that instant.  It was now ten years earlier for the audience, and today as we sat, shoulder to shoulder, we shared one moment in our lives that united each and every one of us then and reminded us we are united, today!

When Mayor Kevin Johnson addressed the podium, he reflected, as did State of California Department of Justice Attorney General Kamala D. Harris, that we are reminded that the travesty suffered by our nation brought only a resolve to once again rise to the occasion of not only defending our country, our homeland, our spirit, but to pursue our aggressors…as we did not become victims…and as we continued our plight to combat terrorists, our greatest success was ridding our world of bin Laden.

Dignitaries in attendance focused on the conviction of our nation’s Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Teams and First Responders, who, as terrorized victims were running for safety attempting to escape the inferno and steel beams crumbling, were running directly to the flames saving victims whose screams were heard.   These unsung heroes are who we are as a nation.  Bless them all.

Special Guests in attendance included:

  • State of California Department of Justice Attorney General Kamala D. Harris
  • City of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson
  • United States Attorney, Benjamin Wagner
  • Travis AFB, Colonel Dwight Sones
  • California Highway Patrol Commissioner Joe Farrow
  • CA Victim Compensation & Government Claims Board Ex. Officer Julie Nauman
  • Madison Noonan, Niece of Robert Noonan Killed on September 11, 2001

Recognition of all First Responders:

              Director Sacramento County & Sacramento City OES, Chief Rick Martinez

              Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento, Ex. Dir. Chaplain Mindi Russell

Sacramento Community Children’s Choir


“All lost something, some lost everything.

United we stand, united we remember.”

                                                 MAY WE NEVER FORGET  (Caption on program handout)


My Soul You Awake


Crisp lace curtains dance as the willow tree,

a breeze whose melody gently eases my senses. 

Softened, my bare body lays in the comfort of your breath. 

My nude soul you so very faintly awaken, as my mind wanders, 

in and out, as each fold of my lace curtain yields,

as do I.  

Written this evening, April 30, 2011

Lisa O’Hara



EASTER by Lisa
A road awaits our journey,
Flowers for AlgernonFlowers for Algernon
Perhaps fences to be climbed,

Gravel to negotiate,

but always keep in mind,

~let our soul lead us to our goal~

Your world awaits you, as does mine,

Perhaps we’ll meet along the way, and let us smile!

Let us encourage each other, beit moment to moment, mile to mile.

Happy Easter and thank you being part of mine!

Lisa O’Hara, April 2006


April 6, 2011- Today was a beautiful day for me.  The stage was set – a dear friend of mine had put into action the building of sawhorses,  sawing wood to lay quietly as it created the foundation for my “up off the ground” first garden!  Yes, my FIRST garden!  At age 58, I am embarrassed to admit it, but sadly enough, my life has been so “busy” that springtime never held a moment’s breath for me to even consider a garden.  As I reflect on this day, I have to wonder how in all of these years, the planting of a garden was too time consuming in my Spring and Summers of my life.  It’s interesting how the intimacy of just the planning stage reminded me of the planning stage of adopting my children.  Really, as I think about it, ….the adoption….preparing for the meeting of my two, soon to be daughters….bringing them to their new home, their ages 6 and 4 1/2.  The planning stage was complete after the many classes for the preparation of two beautiful children, biological sisters, needing the attention of the seedlings I had planted this afternoon, realizing the dependence for survival depended on the commitment of my heart, for my two little seedlings, Tonya and Tracy.   

Truly, I had no thought as I was preparing the soil, staging where each plant should be placed so as to not hamper the other plants growth…giving equally to fill the needs of each seedling which had different requirements for growth, not unlike children.  Another thought which occurs – planting by seed versus seedlings sprouting…my two beautiful daughters blessed me as little girls, attending preschool and first grade…not unlike the plants today…already on their way to growing into what God had planned for them, and my welcomed duty was to make sure they had the right balance of love, guidance, nourishment of body and soul…. always under a watchful eye…for the many stages of their life which would unfold….

A prayer was said that I could fulfill the needs of my little plants today…as I said the day my daughters-to-be were introduced to me and prayers which continue for them to always be watched over, as seedlings even in their adult years…I guess seedlings are the beginning of each new stage in life…all seasons..  Love to my daughters, always.